Explore resonance for singing in all styles. Use this 35-minute class to explore a variety of resonance strategies and how to apply the best resonance to your individual body and the music you sing. 

Watch the video below for a sample of Singing 101: Resonance.


A Teacher You Can Trust

Nancy Bos, vocologist, master singing teacher, alto section leader, and sometimes choral director, has served as a guiding light in the National Assoc. of Teachers of Singing for over twenty years.

Content You Can Count On

Singing 101, the book, was first written in 2005. It has stood the test of time and been vetted by dozens of vocal pedagogs. It is used in intro to singing classes at universities and music schools.

A Presentation You Will Enjoy

Nancy gets straight to the point in these classes, providing highly engaging content and exercises from the start. Her friendly approachable style is enjoyed by all. Singers experience the difference immediately.

Pricing for Individuals
Pricing for Groups

What Singing 101: Resonance Provides

  • Learn about the unlimited number of resonance options each person has
  • Explore resonance choices that might be new to you
  • Practice applying a variety of resonance strategies to a song
  • Learn about other aspects of style for a variety of genres
  • Follow recommendations for where to learn more about singing from many different sources

Learn From an Expert

Nancy is a professional cross-genre singer, from folk and bluegrass to oratorio! Discover the basics of resonance choices, clearly described and put into action during the class, by someone who uses them every day.

Learn Through Doing

Participants practice skills for optimal resonance during the class.

What are you waiting for? Get the tools for better singing. 

And give yourself a break from leading a virtual rehearsal.

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